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Great Shipping Parts From The USA To The UK With STS Imports Could Not Be Easier
We can bring in any parts big or small at a fraction of the cost of flying, also many American companies will not ship to the the UK so we make it easy for you to just get your parts sent to our secure depot in Georgia, they will be put on our next container leaving the USA.  Once the container arrives in the UK  you can either collect your purchases from our warehouse in Great Leighs, Essex or we can arrange to have it sent on to you.   Just contact us using our contact form or by email and we will give you a firm quote for shipping (excluding duties taxes).  Once we give you a quote for shipping it will never go up, our quotes are firm.   Contact us and we will give you all the information you need to safely and economically send you American purchases to the UK.

Some Helpful FAQs and Information

What Does STS Imports Ship To The UK
We will ship anything so long as it legal.  We ship mainly car parts, but we have a great variety of regular customers who send anything from drum kits to rocking horses, we have shipped some interesting items such as American traffic lights, World War II spotter lights, pin ball machines and fun fair bumper cars.

What should I do first
Contact us by using our contact form or sending an email and let us know what you want to import, we will need approximate sizes.  For usual items such as engines, gearboxes or exhausts we already know the dimensions, so if you don’t know the exact sizes we will  be able to quote.  We need to send and receive this by email so as ensure that we know exactly what you are importing and that you receive the correct address in Jesup, Georgia and all important information is accurately conveyed.

What Will STS Imports Do Next
We will reply to you with a quote for shipping your purchase from our Georgia warehouse to our address in Great Leighs, Essex.  We will send you the exact address of our secure Georgia warehouse where you should send your purchase. We will also include any other information you will need to know to ensure safe delivery of your purchase to our Georgia warehouse. Our price quotes and Georgia Warehouse address are always given in a message, we do not give the address verbally in case of mistakes.

How Does STS Imports Price My Purchase For Shipping To The UK
You will give us either dimensions, or a link to the item you have purchased.  We may give an estimate over the phone but until we have the exact dimensions we can not give a firm quote.  The sizes are very important to us as they will determine the space they take up in our container.  We have never raised our quoted price once it has been given, we do regularly reduce it when on arrival if it does not take up as much space as we thought.

How Do I Know My Purchase Has Been Dispatched From The Seller.
You should always get a tracking number for any item shipped in the USA, you will be able to track it on line at the couriers web site just the same as you would track something in the UK.  You will also need to send us the tracking number.

How Do I Know When It Has Arrived At STS Imports Georgia Warehouse
You will be able to track your purchase on line in the same way you would track a delivery in the UK, and you will be able to see on your couriers web site when it has been delivered.

What Happens To My Purchase When It Arrives at STS Imports Georgia Warehouse
We need you to send us the tracking number to be able to tie you up with your delivery and enable us to contact you when it arrives in the UK.   We may have to unpack your item if packaging is damaged or it will travel safer if re-packed.  We store it in our safe and secure warehouse in Georgia until our next container is packed, our containers leave approximately every six to eight weeks.

When Do I Pay For The Shipping of My Item
You pay when your purchase arrives in the UK on collection or prior to us sending them to you.

How Long is Shipping From the USA
Our containers leave approximately every six to eight weeks, once packed, the transit time is approximately four to five weeks.  We post all updated container information on our website which you will be able to see when you log into your account, we also put container information on our Facebook group page, which you can join.

What Happens When My Purchase Arrives At STS Imports UK
This is when the tracking number is really important, we scan the packages and link the tracking numbers up with the number you have sent us, often American companies will not put your name on the parcel, just the delivery address, so you can see how important tracking is to us.  We will send notification that the container has arrived, unpacked and that your purchase has been processed and is ready for collection or to be forwarded to you.  You can either collect from Great Leighs, Essex or we can arrange to have it shipped to you.  We use several courier and pallet companies and will be able to arrange delivery at a competitive price.