Container Space

We bring bespoke containers in from the USA approximately every six weeks and we sell space in these containers for anything our customers wish to bring over – as long as it is legal!
The container is delivered to our site in North Miami Beach, Florida where we pack it ourselves.  The container is then loaded, locked, sealed and sent to port.
Upon arrival in the UK it is customs clearance then delivered to our warehouse in Great Leighs,  Essex where we unload it ourselves.  Your goods are only handled both sides of the Atlantic by our own staff.

Updated 20th August 2018

Current Container

We have been informed today that the boat the containers are on are omitting the port of Felixstowe so the containers will be unloaded in Antwerp and will come over on a supply vessel.  The new ETA into the UK is 26th August.  The delays now are due to the well documented problems that The Port of Felixstowe are having with the new computer system.  they could not accept the cargo on the original date.

There were so many goods that we packed two containers that will arrive together, tracking is now shown below.  When in the tracking, click the down arrow at the far right to expand the information.

The container was on board the Sealand Washington and the route was Miami, Bahamas, Felixstowe.  That changed to Miami, Bahamas, Savannah (USA), Charleston (USA), Antwerp (Beligium).  It is now coming from Antwerp to Felixstowe onboard the MAERSK HONG KONG.  The tracking for the boat is below.

Next Container

The next container is expected to be packed at the beginning of September.

Container Address Change January 2018

Please note that from 8th January 2018 our partner company American Car Exports who pack our containers are moving to a larger premises.  The new address is just over the road from the old one so the transition will be smooth and all goods currently in transit will not be a problem.

If you do not receive an email with the new address please send a request to:

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