Container Space

We bring bespoke containers in from the USA approximately every six weeks and we sell space in these containers for anything our customers wish to bring over – as long as it is legal!
The container is delivered to our site in LA, California where we pack it ourselves.  The container is then loaded, locked, sealed and sent to port.
Upon arrival in the UK it is customs clearance then delivered to our warehouse in Great Leighs,  Essex where we unload it ourselves.  Your goods are only handled both sides of the Atlantic by our own staff.


Updated 3rd July 2020

The warehouse in Torrance is accepting deliveries as normal.


Due to the customs exam of the current container it has caused a delay in loading the next container. 

It was originally the 29th June and we had to move it to 6th July but we can not get a booking so we have made a firm booking for the 20th July.  Apologies for the delay.


The latest container was packed on the 1st June.

The container was selected for a customs exam on the 5th June.  This turned out to be a full examination where they unloaded and reloaded the container.  They took 28 days to do this and then charged us $2,573 for the privilege of a random check.  All was in order but we still have to pay.  The charge will not be passed onto our customers.


For those interested click here to see the charges


Many apologies for this delay but as you can see it is out of our hands.

The container number is  HASU4479921

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Container Warehouse Address – IMPORTANT NOTICE



If you did not receive an email with the new address please send a request to: