Container Space

We bring bespoke containers in from the USA approximately every six weeks and we sell space in these containers for anything our customers wish to bring over – as long as it is legal!
The container is delivered to our site in North Miami Beach, Florida where we pack it ourselves.  The container is then loaded, locked, sealed and sent to port.
Upon arrival in the UK it is customs clearance then delivered to our warehouse in Great Leighs,  Essex where we unload it ourselves.  Your goods are only handled both sides of the Atlantic by our own staff.

Next Container – Updated 14th October 2017

Now that everything is hopefully back to normal, the next container will be packed around the 22nd November but this is to be confirmed.   Goods can go to the warehouse now.

Current Containers – Updated 5th October 2017

I am pleased to announce that after the many and varied delays these two containers were packed on 27th September and 4th October. .

The ETA for these containers is the end of October/beginning November


To clarify the timeline of these containers, here is the full list of delays with the original packing dates:

9th August – Delayed by STS because of paperwork problem.  If the container is on the dock with incorrect paperwork we have to pay around $1,000 a day in fines.

16th August – Maersk relocating their operations from the Port of Miami to Port Everglades

23rd August – Maersk relocating their operations from the Port of Miami to Port Everglades

30th August – Hurricane Harvey in Houston caused this delays because most vessels originate from there.

6th September – Hurricane Irma caused delay, Port Everglades closed on the 5th

13th September – Miami more or less on shut down due to Hurricane Irma.

20th September – Delayed because of no warehouse electricity as a result of Hurricane irma.

In twelve years of running this operation these kind of delays are unprecedented but we can not stop the forces of nature.

Container Address 2017

Please note that from the 16th April 2016 the containers will be packed on our behalf by our partner company American Car Exports LLC in North Miami Beach, Florida.

For address and instructions please email:-